Sample Translations

A medical translator has to deal with a wide range of topics, from plain and simple information for patients to extremely specialized documents and instructions for use of medical devices of all kinds, jumping from cardiology to biotechnology, from orthopedics to in vitro diagnostics. All good translators must engage in continuous learning and be committed to constant research, and this is probably even more true in the field of medicine and science.

In these pages you can find some scientific articles that I recently translated from English into Italian.

Clinical Research


Clinical research consists of trials carried out on human beings in order to test new or improved drugs, devices, procedures or diagnostic tests. The process with which a new drug is developed and registered is finalized in randomized controlled trials (RCTs), where the agent is tested in patients with a specific condition and compared to a placebo or an active control. The compliance of study conduct and data collection and analysis with current ethical and scientific standards influences the validity of study results and their relevance for future choices and recommendations, which are regularly modified according to the latest findings.

L'aspirina per la prevenzione primaria delle malattie cardiovascolari negli anziani
Jack W O'Sullivan, Aspirin for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in the elderly
BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine August 2019 | volume 24 | issue 4

Nuove strategie per il rilevamento del cancro con DNA libero circolante
Clare Fiala & Eleftherios P. Diamandis, New approaches for detecting cancer with circulating cell-free DNA
BMC Medicine | 16 August 2019

Public Health


Public health refers to a wide range of issues related to the health and safety of citizens in the community and a number of surveillance and risk prevention activities. It therefore includes, for example, population-based vaccination programs, cancer screening programs, the promotion of healthy lifestyles, and workplace safety.

Aggiornamento sull'epidemia di obesità
Steven Novella, Update on the Obesity Epidemic
Science-Based Medicine, September 4, 2019